Website Downtime, Security Issue resolved and information regarding missing series/chapter/pages (READ ME!)

09 Nov. 2017 ·  luna

Dear Everyone,

You may or may not have noticed, that we were down a little while today. But as you can see, we're back up and running again. (It takes more than that to keep us down).
In any case, you might be wondering "what happened?" So, allow me to explain.

Our core host got attacked by a big DDoS attack, this attack was not targeted at us, but rather a server close to us, due to this attack, both the target server and our server got taken down.
The issue was reported to me at 5:00AM GMT+1, and we've managed to resolve it at 6:00AM GMT+1. I thank everyone who decided to wake me up to look at the issue.

Website Security Issue resolved.

Another issue that came to my attention was the fact that some one tried to get Maleware on the site, thankfully, we implement strict https, which means that no user information has been compromised, and the infection was stopped dead in its tracks as soon as it was discovered. I have adjusted the security settings and changed a few things around with the disqus comment section which will hopefully prevent such targeted attacks in the future.

If you see any red security warnings, please notify me as soon as possible.
We here at Mangazuki will always do our best to keep YOU safe on our site, and  want to ensure that no one will ever know what you're looking at.

Regarding missing series/chapters/pages.

Quite a few of you have been contacting me about missing series, chapters, pages, etc...
First of all, thank you for your emails, yes I've seen all of them, even the ones that were less.... supportive? You know who you are.

Anyway, in regards to missing chapter/series:
This site is only TEMPORARY a new Mangazuki website is in the works and will replace this one.
Until its ready, we're using this site and will focus on releasing our current running series the RAWS side of things will also slowly be updated with the series that used to be there.

We, The Mangazuki team, may slowly add older series back onto the site when we can, but its not a focus for us right now.

THAT SAID! The old chapters/series that you know and love are not lost to oblivion they will return sooner or later.


In regards to missing pages:
If you see a missing page, lets say SStudy chapter 75 has page 1 missing, please wait a hour or so before reporting it to me, 99.9% of the time, the page is there, but not yet cached by our system, waiting a bit usually makes it appear.
If you've waited a bit, and its still not there, give me a poke on discord or if you HAVE to use that bug report button, at the very least WRITE which chapter and series it is...

I'm not joking when I say that I get 5 emails a day of missing pages, and when I look into things, the person in question either A) Didn't wait for the site to fully load or B) The page was there, so the user probably wasn't patient enough.


Regarding Kid's post:

Kid's still going to post a news update sometime this (or next) week so stay on the look out for that, but to answer the most common comments:

No, we're not going anywhere.
No, we're not dropping everything.
No, your series aren't gone, they'll be back up when we get the chance/time.
Yes, a new website is coming.
No, I cannot give you any ETA.
No, Mangazuki is not breaking up.
Yes, We'll keep delivering quality content.
No, we're not being dmca-ed (yet)

Anyway, that's all for me right now, thought you guys and girls deserved an update as to what happened,
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on discord.

With kind regards,

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