Update on Mangazuki’s Status

09 Jul. 2018 ·  MZKid

Greetings, fellow readers of Mangazuki,

It has been over six months already since our last big announcement and we felt that it’s time to give you guys an update on our current situation.


A lot of you may already know that the website we are currently operating out of is a temporary one. As stated before, we have a new website, server, and Patreon account. Additionally, along with this announcement we will be providing the link to our beta website (provided at the bottom). We hope you guys will use the website as often as possible so that you can report back to us about all the bugs and issues that you may pick up on. The faster you catch these issues, the faster we can resolve them for you. So please, be our extra set of eyes!

There are two ways you can report bugs and issues to us. You can either post in the Disqus comment section found on the website, or you can post in the #beta-site channel on our Discord server. And please note that Disqus will be disabled on the site other than the bug report page. When the website is complete, we will bring back Disqus for all pages. Also, please remember that we are not just looking for problems to resolve. We welcome any type of feedback or comment regarding the site. If we can make your viewing experience better in any way, then please let us know how.

NOTE: The development of the website would finish much faster if we had more web developers within our team. If you are interested in joining, then please email [email protected]

Missing chapters and series:

We will upload all missing chapters and series to the beta site once it is ready to function with no issues/bugs. This task can be pretty time consuming so we thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.


We haven’t had any complaints about the ads that we have been running so we are assuming that everything is okay in this area. Once again, to everyone that takes us off their adblock, we are immensely grateful. As stated before, the revenue we gain from ads goes into maintaining our server, our website, and paying our hardworking staff members. MZ can’t function without our monthly ad revenues so please continue to support us!

Weekly releases:

As always, we are constantly working very hard to release chapters for our main series on a weekly basis. Some weeks, we can actually pull off daily releases because our staff has the time and energy necessary to get that done. Other weeks, we don’t have the time or the energy, so we try to get a new chapter out at least every other day. We apologize if the inconsistency is annoying, but please understand that our MZ staff members also have real life jobs and/or commitments that they need to take care of on top of our MZ work.

Lack of manga releases:

As disappointing as this may be, our manga situation has not changed. We are still lacking a JP-EN translator to translate our mangas. We have received many applications since our last big announcement, but it’s very difficult to come across a JP-EN translator who can produce the quality of work that we look for in our TLs. If you know of anyone, then please have them email [email protected]

Always looking to recruit:

Mangazuki is always recruiting. Right now we are heavily in need of redrawers for both our manhwas and mangas. If you are interested in joining the MZ staff, then please email [email protected]

Closing Statement:

To our Mangazuki community members, readers, donors, and anyone else that loves MZ, thank you all for your unending support. Once again, we want to emphasize how grateful we are to our Patrons for making all of this possible by continuing to support MZ in all that we do. And of course, thank you to all the staff members who work tirelessly to produce amazing content despite having other obligations to attend to. We are fully aware that we haven’t been able to fulfill all our promises that we made at the beginning of the year, but we want everyone to know that the obstacles and difficulties we’ve been facing have not deterred us away from trying to accomplish our goals. We will continue to work hard so that MZ can always be a central hub for manga/manhwa for you guys. We love you fam~!


Best wishes,

Kid and everyone at Mangazuki

Special thanks to Seeker for drafting and editing this announcement.



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