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01 Jan. 2018 ·  MZKid

Greetings, fellow readers of Mangazuki, 

A lot of you may know me by my alias "Kid", I am the founder and one of the leaders of Mangazuki. Now, the reason for me to write this announcement is to let you all know about the recent changes and what we plan for next year.



So, to start off, I know the majority of you guys are still wondering what happened to the previous website. Well, that website was never ours. The admin who controlled the website, server, and also the Patreon account abused his powers and made things very difficult for MZ. So, now we have a new website, server, and Patreon account. Although that experience was unpleasant, rest assured that MZ is not going away anywhere. It only helped us to grow stronger because of all the valuable lessons we learned.

Missing chapters and series: 

First off, let me ease everyone's worries by assuring you that our series and chapters are not lost. We still have them, but we’re still busy building our new site. We have decided that we’ll invest most of our time in making this one work like a clock, than to continuously work on the temporary one that we are currently using. Now, because we are making sure that every link works and is available on our server, this task can be pretty time consuming. And we even had to change servers a month ago. We thank you for your patience and consideration regarding this issue.


When we first started MZ, we had a goal: To run a kickass manga/manhwa website that wouldn't have to bombard our readers with ads. However, given the amount of traffic that we accumulate, we found out that we needed to find a different server that is up to the task. And although we've found one, the cost to maintain it is pretty high. In order to make sure that we will be able to pay for our server, we decided to add ads to both websites. Although this is not something we wanted to do, in order to ensure that MZ stays alive and continues to produce the mangas/manhwas you all love so much, it was necessary. We’ve made sure that our ads are “clean and safe”, and we ask you to whitelist us on any ad blocker you might have, as a way of supporting our continued existence.

Weekly releases: 

Given the situation we had over the last few months, we’ve had quite the backlog when it comes to releasing our series. As such, we are working hard so that we can reach our goal of getting everything back on track around mid-January. However, if things don’t go as smoothly as planned, then things could end up getting pushed back to the beginning of February. Regardless, we will continue to work very hard because our ultimate goal is to catch up with the raws, so that you all can read the “plot” that you love so much.

Lack of manga releases: 

As some of you most certainly have noticed, some of our manga have been going on without a release for quite some time now. This is because we are lacking a JP-EN translator to translate the series for us. The current translator we have is doing his best, but unfortunately cannot translate every series that we want to release. We are working hard to find a new translator, but it's not that easy since we want a really good one that can produce the high quality of translations we want for our series. As such, we can’t promise that we’ll consistently release manga, but we will always do our absolute best with what we have available.

Pickup Polls: 

And with that, we've arrived at the last point we need to convey. We’re in need of more series to add to the weekly release schedule. Therefore, we are going to make 2 polls for donors and staff members, to decide which series should be added to our weekly roster. We are doing this because MZ never wants to stop bringing our beloved community the "good stuff".


Once again, I apologize for all the disappointment I have caused, but I assure you that we will improve from this for the better. Thank you all for the support so far. We wouldn't be here today without our audience. And we are especially grateful to our Patrons for making all of this possible by continuing to support MZ in all that we do. And of course, thank you to all the staff members who work tirelessly to produce amazing content, even after everything that has happened. Thank you, everyone, for reading our announcement, and on behalf of everyone at MZ, we wish you all a Happy New Year!


Best wishes,

Kid and everyone at Mangazuki

Special thanks to Seeker and Dslisser for helping me finalize this announcement. (Without them, this announcement would have taken about 2 more years to make, kek)  

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