Who we are, and what happened...

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Mangazuki. I hope this article will bring a bit of clarity regarding what happened with YoManga (as well as my personal experience), who the staff are, the planned future and the software/hardware that keeps Mangazuki online. You guys deserve some proper information about YoManga and since the remaining staff over there have been incredibly vague and claimed "it's not worth it" when it most definitely is worth explaining. This article will be quite lengthy but I hope it sheds some light on things you were wondering.


Who I am

My name is Ash. I was one of the developers and server administrators for YoManga, and now Mangazuki. I was in the "inner cicle" - basically the Admin chat - which consisted of Sam, Color and myself.

So... what happened?

Long story short, the decision to shut down was incredibly rushed and not thought through. I went to bed after having explained my ideas and we had a good discussion about the new website that I was building for YoManga. Woke up about 6-7 hours later (I don't sleep well) and I see everyone saying "YoManga is shutting down". I thought "what the fuck?" and then next thing I know I get a message saying it's true and that they are going legal, I can't remember if that message was from Color or from the group Admin chat. The legal idea I found really quite funny and I was constantly saying it's impossible, however I stuck around a little while to see what's happening. They went on about Fakku and that they are going to try and get licenses to publish manga legally, a "with what money?" thought instantly popped up in my mind.

After that the community was asking me what I am going to do and they kept telling me to start another group or "ask for ownership of YoManga". So here I am, working with a typesetter that used to work for YoManga running a group called Mangazuki. When I compare Mangazuki to how YoManga was it's honestly worlds apart. Mangazuki staff mood, the general community and the people within it are wonderful. I have absolutely no plans to shut down and I do not follow the same mind set of "going legal", because that's just hilariously ridiculous.

To put it short:

  • There were NO legal issues with anyone about YoManga.
  • The decision to shut down YoManga was made by Sam and Color.
  • They were constantly scared of DMCA notices.
  • The decision to shut down YoManga was taken incredibly lightly, as if they didn't care.

When I found YoManga was shutting down it annoyed me at how abruptly it was happening. As of currently YoManga is still online and from what I can tell the advertisements have been massively bumped up, from what people are telling me they now get double the amount of advertisements - which is nothing but a money grab before it finally dies. Hence why they haven't done anything in over a month now.


Who are the staff within Mangazuki?

Mangazuki consists of almost all of the staff from YoManga, aside from the drama-causers, the Owners (Sam & Color), and Jubs - you may know him better by "the guy who put a DMCA in a reddit post". The people in the "inner circle" for Mangazuki are myself, Kid and Alaitheen.

What series are we picking up?

We are picking up most of the series from YoManga apart from Naughty Girl and Balance, because they are terrible.

What powers Mangazuki?

Mangazuki runs on custom software built by myself using CakePHP. It uses nginx as a web server, CloudFlare for caching and HTTP proxy, MariaDB as a database server, and Redis as a cache and session storage. The server has 8 Cores/16 Threads with 32GB RAM and two 1TB hard drives, with daily backups to a secondary server.

What is the future of Mangazuki?

My plans for Mangazuki fall into similar sites as Kitsu, MyAnimeList and AniList. They allow you to track your reading and/or anime watching and provide you a platform to socialise with the community. I want to follow this route since I believe it will be very beneficial for you guys as our library and community grows. I also want Mangazuki to remain entirely ad-free and 100% Patreon based, as long as the donations keep coming in. We'll also be running polls for our Patreon donators and the general community.


That's all I've got for now, hope this satisfied you regarding YoManga and the future of Mangazuki. I hope you'll stick with us for more great content.