Announcing: Series Pickups

Hi everyone,

Before I begin announcing our next series pickups the Admins and I would just like to apologise for the lack of releases over the last 3 weeks. While us Admins and Series Staff are busy people who have real life commitments, we’re still sorry about the lack of releases.


Series pickups

Title: Pervert Club

Provided by: Community Poll (Discord)


Description:A thrilling yet flirtatious relationship between the perverted girl Lee-ni, who gets excited from the wicked stares of men, and Du-jun, who is insensitive to sexual stimulus due to his father, who is an AV director, has begun! While showing off her cleavage and exposing her underwear, Lee-Ni’s pride is hurt when Du-jun isn’t aroused even after seeing her bare form. The end result becomes an approach through all sorts of perverted acts in an effort to encapsulate him… What will the seduction of a pervert end up tasting like?


Title: Domesticate the Housekeeper

Provided by: Lingerie (Patron Supreme)


Description: "Ajumma.. if you want to keep working, it will be in your best interest to listen to what I say.” The surprise return of the parents along with a foreign housekeeper mother and daughter pair. The thrilling cohabitation with these ladies begins...


Title: Mia’s Tool

Provided by: LL (Patron Supreme)


Description: A future that is in distress because of the extreme population decline! People are disappearing... Love is disappearing. Kim Mi-wa has arrived from from a future of 500 years later with a futuristic tool that will allow love to activate through artificial intelligence, and has decided to test it out among modern day citizens... The arrival of a sexy Sci-Fi fantasy that features cutting-edge science and the spirit of the living people!



We still have more series to announce but we’re holding back on those until we’ve caught up on our other series - Que Sera, Sera for example is behind on its translated chapters yet the series itself has been completed. We’re going to be releasing a lot over the next month and catching up on past series so we can focus on ongoing series. We also have a list of recommended series the community has been asking for so we do actually see what you guys request!


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and we’ll either reply to them or answer them in our next update.

Thanks for sticking with Mangazuki.