Announcing: Mangazuki Raws

Greetings again. After the successful poll that took place earlier regarding the raws, we have decided to bring out the raws as you people suggested and voted for.

We’ve taken our time to build it up and upload as many chapters as possible for you readers to read as a starter, you will have a lot of new series to explore on Mangazuki Raws from old series up to new ones. There will be some series that do not have the chapters from the start up till latest, but we will sort that out as soon as possible.

Regarding the ads and patreon, things will be the same as before. Ever since we started Mangazuki our goal was clear and that was to avoid having ads on our website and to offer the best experience for everyone when it comes to reading our series that we work on or any series that we decide to upload. So with that we’re not putting up any ads on the raws website. It’s all thanks to your continuing support towards our patreon that we can hold it clean this way.

However we will bring watermarking into the chapters we’re uploading in the raws website, the reason behind that is very simple and that’s because we’ve been trying to avoid having people stealing the raws chapters and taking it for their own advantage. With us having watermarks on them should be more than okay with everyone. Since our main raw provider DarkrRain brought us the raws and paid for the raws. Even though we will be providing with raws, we still encourage you readers to at least try to purchase some of them by yourselves to support the author. That way we can keep getting beautiful series like this coming up and enjoy it even more.

Bringing raws back into Mangazuki is a great step but also a decision that took quite some time. We the admins of Mangazuki discussed this topic countless of times before making this call, but in the end here you have it! Raws you’ve all been waiting for is now up and should be available to any reader on Mangazuki.

We hope you readers will enjoy this decision we made for you guys.


Visit Mangazuki Raws: Mangazuki Raws